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Construction of Quay (68) in Addition to Development and Re-planning of El- Manteshouf Basin – Alexandria Port.
Preloading test for quay (68)
Throwing of rock backfill behind quay blocks after lifting preloading test blocks



Nasr General Contracting Company

Starting Date



Value of Contract


30 millions L.E.



The project is construction of quay (68)- extension of quay (67)- 10 meters depth, and backfilling of El-Manteshouf Basin to form storing yard behind the quay; as part of the development works of gate (27) in Alexandria Port (4th stage). The work includes the following:
Construction of Quay (68):
Quay wall consists of P.C. concrete blocks, with length of 232.44 m divided into 8 piers besides a corner pier, its depth 10 m divided into 4 rows topped by quay coping beam; and is implemented as follows:
 - Dredging the quay wall trench; to reach the rock layer suitable for foundations on depth of (22 m) below sea level.
- Quay wall trench backfilling with clean sand, then cast rubble to form basis foundation layer and leveling its surface with gravel.
- Place quay wall blocks, and perform the preloading test.
- Casting of coping beam and installation of bollards and rubber fenders.
El-Manteshouf Basin backfilling to form the storing yard:
    After the quay wall construction, the following works were executed: rock backfill and a gravel filter layer, then backfilling the area behind the quay, finishing the storing yards, and making concrete casting and interlocking tiles installations.

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