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Head of Planning & Follow Up  ENG/ Maha Mostafa Abd El Razek
Head of Projects Sector ENG. Shiref Mohmed El Sayed Abd El Wahed
Head of Technical Office Sector
ENG. Amall Ahmed Hussein Abd EL Motaal
Head of Financial Affairs Sector ACC.Ayman Anwar Sayed Hemaimy
Head of Human Resorce Sector ACC.  Mahmoud Abd El-Rahman Hasaneen
Head of Supplies & Procurement Sector ACC. Mohammed Zakaria Abdel Tawab Isa
Head of Legal Affairs Sector Mr.Mamdouh Abd El-Sadek Ali


Head of Technical Affairs Sectors (Greater Cairo & Self-Execution Sectors )
ENG. Atef Abd El-Aaty Abu-Mousallam  
And Supervision of Civil Works Sectors at Northern Sector  
Head of Greater Cairo Sector ENG. Magdy Mohamed Zidan
Head of Self Execution Sector  ENG. Alla El-Deen Seef El-Deen (A)
Head of Self Execution Sector
ENG. Ashraf Ahmed Morsy (B)
Head of ( 10th of  Ramadan & Administrative Capital )Sector
ENG. Adel Fathy EL- Morsy
Head of Civil Works and Utilites Execution Sector & Supervision of Marine Works Execution Sector
ENG. Ahmed Abd EL - Kareem Haiba EL-Menshawy
Head of Technical Affairs Sectors at Mid-Delta Sector  ENG. Gamal Abd El-Rahman Ahmed
Head of (Civil Works ) at Mid-Delta Sector  ENG. Tarek Ali El - Aisawy (A)
  ENG. Ayman Yehia Kamel (B)
Head of Utilites Works at Mid-Delta Sector (A) at Qualyoubeya & Gharbeya governorates
ENG. Ashraf Ahmed Mohammed Halawa
Head of Utilites Works at Mid-Delta Sector (B) at Menoufeya governorate ENG. Alaa Mohammed Abd EL-Fattah Salem
Head of Minia Execution Sector ENG. Ashraf Ebrahiem Basyouny
Head of Aswan Execution Sector ENG. Hossam EL-Deen Badawy Ahmed
Head of Mechanical & Electrical Affairs Sector ENG. Mohammed Saad Abd El Shafee 
Head of Eiectromechanical Installations Execution Sector ENG. Saad Moussa EL-Sayed Shoeib




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• Sanitary Drainage for Masttal Villages - Quesna Post - Menoufeya Governorate.

• Sewage Treatment Plant for Meet Abu El Hassan Village and Sanitary Drainage for Meet Abu Shiekha and Meet Abu eL Hassan Villages - Quesna Post - Menoufeya Governorate.

• Excution of Networks Force Main and Pumping Station For Om Saber Village and its Followers Monshate Nasser Village - Behaire Governorate .

• Sewage Treatment Plant For EL Koum EL Ahmar Village Shebeen EL Kanater Post Qalyoubia Governorate .

• Supplementary Works To Transfer Sewage Water From Pumping Station NO.3 To EL Shorouk City Treatment Plant Capacity :60 Thousand M3/Day

• Expansions Works for Sanitary Drainge Pumping Station C at New Borg El Arab City

• Sanitry Drainage for Shabraweesh Cluster Age Post Dakahlia Governorate

• Supply and Installation of Main Drainage Lines for the First Phase of Mostakbal City Project .


• Ground Tank and Potable Water Pumping Station For ( Berake El Khaiyam - Ezbet El Essaily ) Villages -Guiza Governorate .

• Execution of PUMPS Room In Baheeg Pumping Station To Feed 6th Districts With Water - New Borg El Arab City .

• Elevated Water Tanks To Feed Monshaet El Kanater City and Giza Governorate

• Networks Works For West of Nile Potable Water Plant - Kena Governorate .


• Execution of (Potablewater - Sanitary Drainage - Irrigation ) Networks For (735 Feddane Zone ) At The Southern Expansions and Sub-Base For Services Area At New Souhage City .

• Execution of Utilities (Potablewater - Sanitary Drainage - Irrigation -Sub-Base For Roads ) For The Third and Fourth Residential District at New Qena City .

• Internal Infrastructure Works ( Road - Potablewater - Sanitary Drainage - Electricity ) For The Second Phase of The Leather City at El Robaiky .

• Infrastructure Works (Potablewater - Sanitary Drainage - Irrigation - Electricity - Communications - Civil Works ) For The First Priority Zone At New Administrative Capital .

• Utilities Works ( Roads - Potablewater - Electricity - Sanitary Drainage - ) For The Residential City In Front Of El-Rehab City At Cairo - Suez Road .

◄ ROADS :-

• The Second Stage of Roads in Some Areas of Build Your House Project (No. 1,2) in New Beni Swef City


• Faculty of Tourism and Hotels at Menoufeya University - Sadat City

• Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Sadat City - Menoufeya University


• El Obayed Shore Protection

• Construction Of A Third Beam For The Quay Wall Cranes - Dekheila Port Constainers Terminal .

• Construction Of A Quay Wall NO. 85-3 At Alexandria Port

• Second Stage Works For Abu Qir Marine Port Development Rroject .

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