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Suez National Museum, Port Tewfik, Suez.



Ministry of Culture – Supreme Council of Antiquities

Starting Date


Phase One    6/ 2001
Phase Two    9/ 2006
Phase Three 3/ 2009

Value of Contract


38 millions L.E.



Establishing national cultural museum accommodate Suez heritage & monuments illustrating its extended history through decades, deployed on a total area of 25000 m2.
Phase One: 5950 m2 area, composes of:-
• Museum building: deployed on 2200 m2 with a pyramid shape based on a rectangle structure called "mastaba" topped by an open exhibition, and consists of three floors and equipped with latest hi-tech electronic & electrical instruments, central air-conditioned, automatic fire extinguisher, shielded anti-explosive & fire resistant doors and elevator.
- Ground Floor: contains a showcase hall, two halls one for lecturer and a VIP one, library, gift shop, cafeteria, monuments restoration & photographic labs, control room, museum stores and administration staff rooms. A granite shapes decorate the flooring & staircase.
- First Floor: an open exhibition covering all building area surrounded with a handrail; designed in a shape of gradually "mastabas" from main entrance up to first floor.
- Second Floor: 1165 m2 area , a closed showcase hall divided into six sub halls which are: “Zisostrees” hall, Boats hall, Mining hall, Trade hall, Mahmal hall & Suez Canal hall. Floor materials are of various types marble, granite & parquet.. The walls are either granite, wood binding or GRC. The ceilings are made of Gibson board plates.

• General Lay Out: the internal paths made of interlock, green areas of 750 m2 surrounded with fabricated steel fence, service buildings of 250 m2. The company executed all the works of utilities, irrigation, electricity and telephone.        

Phase Two: Showcase furnishing & furniture, includes:
• Showcase
• Furniture
• Electrical & Electromechanical systems
• Paintings & historical drawings (Graphic work)
Phase Three:
• Museum Garden: deployed on 8000 m2 and includes two water basins connected by a channel. In the larger basin, there is a life size model of one of the ships in the commercial fleet of “Queen Hatshepsut”. The garden has a cafeteria and marble seats.

• Bus & Car parking zone:  of total area 11000 m2 

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